Pediatric Bill of Rights

As a patient of Naples Day Surgery, LLC, a child has the right to:

  1. To be called by name and not by a number or procedure.
  2. To be greeted with a smile and treated with loving care.
  3. To receive quality care in a safe environment.
  4. To know who the doctors, nurses and other members of their surgical team will be.
  5. To participate in all aspects of their care, including treatment decisions, as long as it does not interfere with their medical care.
  6. To know the “rules” they are expected to follow while being treated.
  7. To have family members with them whenever possible.
  8. To have someone that speaks the same language as their family to help with understanding their treatment and care.
  9. To have the nurses and doctors take care of them when their parents can’t be with them.
  10. To not be restrained by any means unless it is for their safety.
  11. To have their personal ethnic background, religious beliefs and personal feelings treated with courtesy and respect.
  12. To tell the nurses when they hurt and to be made comfortable following their procedure.
  13. To be given the right medication by their nurse and not to wait unnecessarily.
  14. To receive information about their recovery, prognosis, and outcomes of care in a manner that their family can understand.
  15. To have home care instructions explained to their family so they can regain their health and stay well after they go home.
  16. To receive the necessary information regarding consent for surgery, possible complications, risks, benefits, and alternative treatments available so their parent/guardian can make knowledgeable decisions about their care.
  17. To know when something goes wrong and what has been done to “fix” it.
  18. To have confidentiality about their surgery.
  19. To be discharged as soon as possible without harm to their health.
  20. To have their family receive the same consideration as an adult patient when addressing matters of their financial responsibility.
  21. To be informed of their rights before treatment is given.
  22. To be informed about the company’s grievance process and who to contact to file a complaint.

Child and Family Patient Responsibilities

Parents/Guardians of a Pediatric Patient have the responsibility:

  1. To provide accurate information about their child’s health.
  2. To arrive at the facility at the prearranged time to allow adequate time to prepare their child for surgery.
  3. To follow the rules and regulations of the facility affecting patient care and conduct.
  4. To remain in the facility while their child is receiving care.
  5. To follow the treatment plan recommended by the healthcare provider.
  6. To notify the nurse or healthcare provider if they do not understand their child’s treatment plan and the expectations of the family members (including the patient).
  7. To accept and ensure that the financial responsibilities associated with their child’s care are fulfilled as soon as possible.
  8. To notify the center if they are dissatisfied with the care provided for their child.
  9. To be considerate of other patients and the staff.

If you have any questions or concerns
about patient rights you may call 513-8500.