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Ophthalmology / Retinal

Ophthalmology is a specialty that deals with diseases and treatments of the eye. Naples Day Surgery is proud that many of the region’s leading board certified Ophthalmologists choose our centers as the ideal location to care for their patients.

These specialists are leaders in providing advanced treatments using the latest technologies to help restore and maintain their patients’ optimal vision. Some of the many disorders they treat include glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal detachment, and a variety of occuplastic cosmetic surgeries of the eye to improve vision and appearance. In addition, they are highly skilled in treating and repairing other acute conditions such as ocular cancer, torn retinas, detached and injuries to the eyes.

No matter what procedure you may need,  the Naples Day Surgery team of anesthesia, surgical and recovery nurses, technicians and professional staff work with the surgeon to ensure you receive the highest quality care delivered with compassion and understanding.

Opthalmology Retinal Surgery

Physicians Specializing in Ophthalmology / Retinal

Available Procedures for Ophthalmology / Retinal

  • Destruction of Retinopathy with Laser
  • Repair of Detached Retina, Scleral Bucking
  • Repair of Retinal Detachment, Scleral Buckling and Vitrectomy
  • Vitrectomy with Focal Endolaser
  • Vitrectomy with Membrane Stripping