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At Naples Day Surgery centers, our team of Urologists perform a broad spectrum of surgical and minimally invasive outpatient treatments for children and adults both male and female with urological conditions.  Our affiliated board certified urologists are leaders in their fields and pioneers in using some of the most advanced technologies available today. Many have academic appointments and are actively engaged in research activities and have published and presented extensively on various urological disorders.

With the support of the skilled team of anesthesia, surgical and recovery nurses and technicians at Naples Day Surgery centers, our urologists perform a variety of minimally invasive techniques and procedures safely, effectily and at considerable cost savings to the patient. They treat a wide range of problems involving the kidneys, prostate, bladder, urinary tract, urethra and testicles. From resolving incontinence issues to removing kidney stones and tumors, our urologists treat men, women and children with compassion and dignity.

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